Expert MINI Alignment Service for Austin Area Drivers

A MINI is meant to provide a thrilling driving experience that quickens your heart rate and brings a smile to your face. When everything works as it should, that’s exactly what will happen. When there is a problem such as your MINI’s alignment being out of adjustment, your experience can be quickly soured. Your MINIs misalignment can be caused by anything from a big pothole, or rough railroad crossing, to an unfortunate accident, or even by hitting the curb. When your MINI needs a wheel alignment, you may not notice anything but rapid tire wear or your steering wheel may be off-center.

When your MINI alignment is due [every year is best], visit the MINI specialists at Terry Sayther Automotive in Austin. Our staff are reliable and honest and will perform your MINI alignment to restore it back to factory spec. We use precision computerized alignment equipment to make sure you’ll be able to enjoy your MINI’s driving experience once again.

Your MINI Alignment Will Correct Symptoms Including:

  • Abnormal tire wear
  • Steering wheel off-center
  • Pull to left or right when driving straight
  • Unusual steering behavior
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Expert MINI Alignment Services

MINI alignments deserve the best care by technicians who can solve any issue. Our ASE-certified technicians have been the experts on MINI alignments in Austin longer than anyone. We conduct visual inspections to determine your tire and suspension condition, then measure the toe, caster, and camber during the alignment. We have the right equipment to work on all MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S vehicles. A dealership will charge overwhelming alignment prices, whereas Terry Sayther Automotive-THE alternative- saves you time and money. We offer accurate problem analysis, and we’ll communicate the financial and mechanical options you need in order to decide what’s best for YOU. You’ll get the personal service you deserve when you bring your MINI to Terry Sayther Automotive.

Family-Owned Business

We at Terry Sayther Automotive have been serving the families and residents of Austin and central Texas since 1978, longer than anyone else in Austin, including the BMW dealership. As THE alternative to the dealership, you can rely on us for quality MINI Air Conditionings. We also keep your budget in mind! Our passion for BMWs is evident all around us—, especially in our work. When it comes to customer support, we treat you better than family. Our expert team provides trustworthy, honest and reliable service. Trust your MINI Air Conditionings in Austin to Terry Sayther Automotive. Schedule your appointment today!

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