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The history of Manchaca dates back to the 1830s. Residents say the mysterious name of their community comes from nearby Manchaca springs, which was named for Antonio Menchaca, a Tejano army officer who camped there. The town’s development started along with these springs, then expanding to a portion of Old San Antonio Road and later Chisholm Trail. This is historically significant as the trail was used in the post-Civil War era to move cattle from Texas to Kansas.

Manchacas population and development grew over time, though the number of residents has not remained consistent. Through growth spurts and declines, today the population stands at just over 1000 people. As an unincorporated community south of Austin, Manchaca is a vibrant area providing a simple lifestyle. While transportation can be limited, this doesn’t mean residents are far from auto repairs and services.

Terry Sayther Automotive is proud to serve all residents of Manchaca. Quality auto service comes just a short seven miles up the road.


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