When you own a BMW or Mercedes, you know all about enjoying a smooth ride and powerful engine. These European vehicles are fantastic vehicles the way they roll off the line — but if you’re a car enthusiast like us, you know that they can be even better.

At Terry Sayther Automotive, we don’t just work on cars, we’re passionate about them. That’s why when it comes to performance upgrades, we’re proud to be an authorized CarBahn dealer.

Performance Upgrades

BMWs and Mercedes are marvels of modern engineering, but there are some improvements that can be made for the discerning driver. CarBahn offers hardware that can help improve your drive in several ways.

Your car’s suspension helps determine how smooth your ride is as well as how responsive it is. Why not make that the best it can be? CarBahn offers highly engineered suspension coil-over suspension systems that make use of careful suspension tuning to provide a smooth ride with precise, responsive handling.

Another way CarBahn helps you get the most out of your car is with upgrades to the airflow system. Air intake and exhaust improvements help increase airflow, which can improve your engine efficiency, power output, and overall driving experience.

European Auto A/C Repair

Precision Tuning

Performance upgrades aren’t just about the hardware — it’s also about calibrating your vehicle to give you the best performance possible. CarBahn offers performance tuning solutions that use your car’s software to adjust the power output. This is done safely and precisely to avoid damage to your tires, engine, and drivetrain that can come from pushing your engine too hard. With a CarBahn tune, you’ll get the most out of your car without risking damage.

Terry Sayther Automotive: Austin’s CarBahn Dealer

If you live in or around Austin, Terry Sayther Automotive is your go-to when it comes to performance upgrades for your BMW or Mercedes. We serve drivers from:

Your car is an investment, and it’s one we want to help you enjoy an exhilarating driving experience. To learn more about how we can help you achieve that with CarBahn performance upgrades, call or stop by Terry Sayther Automotive today!
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